Devici Alloys B.V.

Since 1991 Devici Alloys B.V. has been specialised in the trading and processing of Ferro Alloys, Noble Alloys, Minor Metals and Scrap Metals.

We are based near the Rotterdam port and serve as a intermediary between producers, traders and consumers in the metal industry. Another activity of our company is that we process/recycle raw materials into semi-finished products. We are also stockholders of metals around the world, which allows us just-in-time deliveries to our customers.

Our scrap department mainly deals with non-ferrous, stainless steel scrap and spent PGM catalyst which we source and distribute all over the world.

Our company stands for service and quality and has a reputation of reliability.

Devici Alloys B.V. is a daughter company of FIST Investments B.V., a privately held company, based in Rockanje near Rotterdam.

FIST Investments B.V. specialised in financing of metal trade, hedging services, investment in commodities and real estate.

To conduct satisfactory longterm business relationships with our suppliers and customers and provide them with service that benefit to their needs.

Devici Alloys has always been a great supporter of environmental friendly and durable trade and has a policy of social responsibility.

All licences needed for the storage, processing and im/exporting of (scrap) metals are in our possession.

Amongst others is the VIHB registration/licence of the Dutch government, which is mandatory in the Netherlands for companies which collect or transport waste (industrial or hazardous) on a professional basis or which arrange for disposal or recovery of waste.

Members on this list are proved to be reliable, knowledgable and credit-worthy.


Certificates NIWO VROM 1

Certificates NIWO VROM 2