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Ryan’s Notes Ferroalloys Conference 28/10/2012 – Miami

VDM Alloys will be attending the annual Ryan’s Notes Ferroalloys Conference in Miami on 28-30 October 2012.

The eighteenth annual Ryan’s Notes Ferroalloys Conference will stick to its tried-and-true tradition of respecting the industry and the way it does business. In a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, delegates will have optimal amounts of time to meet privately with colleagues, attend two networking cocktail receptions, sit in on conference sessions where at least 20 speakers will deliver papers on ferroalloys markets and trends and gather informally at luncheons, on the golf course, on the tennis court and during unscheduled afternoons.

While it is a break from the daily grind, the Ryan’s Notes Conference is, above all, a business meeting for over 600 delegates involved with ferroalloys. Delegates are able to meet with people they need to see and acquire useful information in the course of the meeting. Those who require extra services in the form of private meeting rooms or suites know that they will be charged the hotel rates with no mark-up fees or onerous regulations.

Arrange a meeting with the VDM Alloys
Dènis van de Merwe, Managing Director of VDM Alloys will be available for meetings throughout the conference. If you want to meet him, please contact us.

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