Since 1991 VDM Alloys B.V. has been specialised in trading and processing of Ferro Alloys, Noble Alloys, Minor Metals and Scrap Metals.

We are based near the Rotterdam port and serve as a intermediary between producers, traders and consumers in the metal industry.

We trade/finance metals on a worldwide basis and are stockholders of metals to allow our customers just-in-time deliveries by forwarders or by our own trucking service.

Long experience in the im- and exporting of commodities and customs services provides our suppliers and customers with great benefits and efficient business.

As we think price is only one aspect of business we also help our customers with agency services, market development and analysis, processing and recycling of metals and other commodities, price fixing and hedging, etc.

Quality control is an important issue in our company and therefore we offer reliable laboratory service by ourselves or external independent assayers so that we can guarantee a good and quick settlement of deliveries.

If you have further questions, enquiries of metals on offer, please contact us, our team of traders is happy to serve you.